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India's Largest Collection of FRP Planters| Fiberglass Planters| GLASTRES GREENS

FRP Pots Planters

Glastres Greens manufactures custom / FRP planters. FRP or fiber-reinforced polymer is a UV resistant sturdy material. FRP pot/ FRP planter is light weight, unbreakable and weather resistant to both extreme temperatures and rainfall. It does not deteriorate over time.Glastres Greens is your one-stop destination for high-quality FRP planters, FRP pots, and FRP flower pots. Our extensive collection also includes FRP plant stands, all proudly crafted by experienced FRP planters manufacturers. Whether you're looking for FRP pots online or searching for "FRP planters near me," Glastres Greens has the perfect solution for your landscaping needs.

FRP Planters

Glastres Greens specializes in crafting customized FRP planters. FRP, or fiber-reinforced polymer, is a robust material known for its UV resistance. Our FRP pots/planters are lightweight, unbreakable, and resilient to various weather conditions, including extreme temperatures and rainfall. They exhibit enduring durability without deterioration over time. FRP (fiber reinforced polymer) is a structure containing an arrangement of unidirectional fibers or woven fiber fabrics embedded within a thin layer of light polymer matrix material.

We at Glastres Greens employ cutting-edge manufacturing techniques, skilled artisans, and embrace innovative concepts coupled with standardized quality checks to ensure the creation of high-quality products.

Each planter is meticulously crafted to meet specific design requirements. Our commitment to customization extends to sizes, shapes, and finishes, resulting in a distinctive appearance tailored for each client.

Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) is a composite material consisting of a polymer matrix reinforced with fibers, typically glass, carbon, or basalt. The unique characteristics of each fiber contribute to the intended use of the final FRP planter. Beyond our industry, FRPs are widely utilized in aerospace, automotive, marine, and construction sectors, with applications even extending to ballistic armor.


The Process Of Making FRP Planters:

Firstly, based on the desired shape, a wooden mould is made. The mould can be of hand-made FRP itself.

Each mould has a life of about 30 to 40 usage cycles, after which a new mould is created to ensure good quality and finish.

Moulds made from the right technique and experience are vital to achieve a good quality end FRP planter.

The process is that of addition polymerization where a composite plastic is made to enhance the strength and elasticity of plastics.

The two main ingredients are fibers and the matrix.

The fiber enhances the strength of the plastic, while the matrix is the original plastic material.

With the right combination of fiber and matrix, right orientation, and apt quality of the raw materials, the desired combination is applied over the moulds.

The mixture is then left to cool off and harden. Heat released during the cooling-off process can weaken the strength of the FRP pot if not done correctly. During this process, the de-moulding has to be done with the right technique, ensuring the FRP planter does not budge, deform, or crack.

Once de-moulded, the FRP planter needs to be polished and painted to achieve the desired finished look. Taking time, using the right tools, varnishes, paints, and polishing – an impeccable hand-crafted FRP pot is made ready.

Discover Why Glastres Greens Excels in Crafting Premium FRP Planters for Your Stylish Spaces

One of the standout features of our FRP planters is their customizability. Each planter, whether it's an FRP rectangular planter or a unique design you have in mind, is meticulously crafted to meet your unique specifications. We offer a diverse range of sizes, shapes, and finishes to provide a personalized touch to your space, whether it's a commercial property, residential garden, or public park.

Fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) is a composite material known for its exceptional strength and durability. It combines a polymer matrix with reinforced fibers, typically glass, carbon, or basalt. These fibers bring specific characteristics to our FRP planters and FRP pots, making them ideal for various applications. Our FRP planters and FRP pots are commonly found not only in landscaping but also in aerospace, automotive, marine, and construction industries. Their resilience is also valued in applications like ballistic armor, showcasing the versatility and strength of FRP materials.

β€œIn the world of materials, FRP stands as a testament to engineering excellence. Its unique combination of a polymer matrix interwoven with high-strength fibers yields a material known for its exceptional structural integrity, resistance to environmental stressors, and enduring performance.”
Asset Integrity Management in Comprehensive Composite Materials II, 2022
The Art of Crafting FRP Planters and Pots
  • - Our craftsmanship begins with creating a wooden mold based on your desired planter shape, whether it's a standard FRP planter or a unique FRP plant stand.

  • - Each mold has a lifespan of approximately 30 to 40 usage cycles, after which we create a new one to maintain top-notch quality and finish.

  • - The precision and experience in mold-making are crucial to achieving the exceptional quality we aim for in our FRP planters and FRP pots.

  • - The manufacturing process involves addition polymerization, wherein a composite polymer is used to enhance the strength and flexibility of the material.

  • - This process combines two main ingredients: the reinforcing fibers and the polymer matrix. The fibers enhance strength, while the matrix forms the base polymer material.

  • - With the right combination of fibers, matrix, orientation, and high-quality raw materials, we apply the desired composite over the molds.

  • - Once applied, the mixture is allowed to cool and harden. Proper care is taken during this phase to ensure that the FRP planters and FRP pots maintain their structural integrity and appearance.

  • - After demolding, our skilled artisans polish and paint each FRP planter and FRP pot to achieve the desired finish. This meticulous process, using the finest tools, varnishes, paints, and polishing techniques, results in impeccable hand-crafted FRP pots and planters ready to enhance your space.

Why Choose Glastres Greens for FRP Planters and Pots?

When you choose Glastres Greens for your FRP planters, FRP pots, and FRP flower pots, you're choosing a sustainable and enduring landscaping solution. Our planters and pots are designed not only to enhance the beauty of your environment but also to withstand the test of time. Here are some compelling reasons to make Glastres Greens your go-to source for all your FRP planter and pot needs:

  • Unmatched Durability: Our FRP planters and pots are engineered to withstand harsh weather conditions, ensuring they look pristine year after year.
  • Customization: We believe in the power of customization. Your vision is our inspiration, and we'll work closely with you to bring your design ideas to life, whether it's an FRP plant stand or a large FRP rectangular planter.
  • Wide Range of Options: Choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, and finishes to suit your specific landscaping needs. Whether you're planning a small garden or a large commercial project, we have the perfect FRP planter or pot for you.
  • Sustainability: FRP materials are known for their sustainability. By choosing our FRP planters and pots, you're making an eco-friendly choice that contributes to a greener future.
  • Expert Craftsmanship: Our skilled artisans are passionate about their work, ensuring each planter and pot is a work of art that meets our stringent quality standards.

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Fibre Reinforced Polymer

For FRPs (Fibre Reinforced Polymers), a relatively recent class of materials characterized by their non-corrosive, high-strength, and lightweight properties, there has been a notable emergence in practical applications over the past 15 years. These versatile materials have found their place in various structural engineering fields.

This chapter provides an overview of constituent materials, delves into the theory of FRP composite laminates and multilayer laminate applications, and explores the remarkable durability of composite materials in the construction and building industries. Furthermore, it discusses the future potential and developments in the field.

In addition, FRP planters have also gained recognition for their applications in civil engineering structures. These planters are designed to meet the highest standards and design rules, making them a valuable choice for various outdoor and indoor landscaping projects. FRP planters offer unique solutions for enhancing the aesthetics of public spaces, gardens, and commercial properties.

Just like in structural engineering, where FRPs are used for strengthening materials like concrete, steel, aluminum, and timber, FRP planters bring durability and innovation to the world of landscaping. They combine strength with lightweight design, making them an excellent choice for green spaces in urban environments.

These planters are meticulously crafted to withstand the test of time and the challenges posed by various weather conditions. Whether used to adorn city streets, parks, or private gardens, FRP planters are a testament to the versatility and resilience of FRP materials in both engineering and landscaping applications.


  1. frp-pots-planters
    Anjali Patel
    11:45 AM, 22 Jun 2023

    Utterly impressed by Glastres Greens' stunning FRP planters! They truly elevate the beauty of any garden space. Can't wait to get my hands on one and embrace green living!

  2. frp-pots-planters
    Rahul Kapoor
    03:15 PM, 23 Jun 2023

    I am delighted with the eco-friendly approach of Glastres Greens. Their commitment to sustainability is commendable, and I can't wait to transform my balcony into a green oasis using their FRP planters!

  3. frp-pots-planters
    Priya Sharma
    08:30 AM, 24 Jun 2023

    Glastres Greens' FRP planters have completely transformed my home's ambiance. The quality and design are impeccable. Thank you for adding so much elegance to my living space!


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