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At Glastres Greens, our story is one of passion for nature and dedication to sustainability. Founded in 2018 by Vinod Subramaniam, we are on a mission to bring greenery into urban spaces across India through beautifully crafted planters. Our commitment to using eco-friendly materials and responsible practices reflects our vision of building a greener and more sustainable world. With a focus on quality, design, and customer satisfaction, we take pride in being the leading manufacturer of planters, leaving a positive impact on the environment and society.

Crafting Nature's Elegance

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Sustainability at Heart

Green Impact: Planting for a Greener Future

Quality Craftsmanship: Crafting Nature's Finest

At Glastres Greens, each planter is meticulously crafted with precision and attention to detail, reflecting our commitment to excellence.

Impeccable Service: Your Green Journey, Our Priority

Our dedicated team at Glastres Greens ensures that your green experience is seamless and enjoyable, providing personalized service and expert guidance.

Nurtured by Nature: 100% Sustainable Planters

Embrace the essence of nature with our 100% natural and sustainably sourced planters, designed to harmonize with the environment.

Green Living: Sustainable Product Line

Choose Glastres Greens for eco-friendly planters that make a positive impact on the planet, promoting green living and a greener future.

From Seed to Sustainability: Unveiling Glastres Greens

In 2018, Glastres Greens began its journey with humble beginnings, fueled by the vision and passion of its founder, Vinod Subramaniam by a deep love for nature and a dream of bringing greenery into urban spaces across India. With a shared commitment to sustainability and environmental consciousness, Glastres Greens embarked on a mission to create exquisite planters that not only adorned spaces but also contributed positively to the environment.

Starting with a small workshop, Glastres Greens dedicated themselves to crafting planters with meticulous attention to detail, each piece a testament to their passion for gardening and design. They believed in the power of using eco-friendly materials and responsible manufacturing practices to ensure that their products were not only aesthetically pleasing but also aligned with their values of sustainability.

As word spread about the beautifully designed and durable planters, the demand for Glastres Greens' creations grew steadily. Their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction caught the attention of gardening enthusiasts and interior designers alike. With the support of a small team of skilled artisans, Glastres Greens expanded their offerings, creating a diverse range of planters that catered to varied tastes and needs.

Recognizing the need to scale up operations to meet the increasing demand, Glastres Greens moved to a larger manufacturing facility, embracing modern technology and machinery while preserving the essence of handcrafted excellence. The team expanded, and Glastres Greens was joined by passionate individuals who shared the company's vision for a greener and more sustainable world.

Glastres Greens' planters soon found homes in various spaces across the country, adorning residential and commercial establishments alike. Their dedication to the environment extended beyond their products, as they actively engaged in tree-planting initiatives and collaborated with local gardening communities to promote eco-conscious practices.

As the company's reputation grew, so did its impact. Glastres Greens became a symbol of a green revolution, encouraging people to connect with nature and adopt greener lifestyles. Their commitment to sustainability and responsible business practices resonated with customers and inspired other businesses to follow suit.

With the support of a dedicated team and a loyal customer base, Glastres Greens' vision of becoming the leading manufacturer of planters in India became a reality. Their planters adorned prestigious events and earned accolades in the gardening and sustainability circles. Glastres Greens' passion and values shone through every aspect of their business, making them a trusted brand known for both quality and environmental consciousness.

Over time, Glastres Greens expanded its horizons and began exporting its planters to international markets, spreading their green philosophy to different corners of the world. Despite the company's growth and success, they never lost sight of their original vision. They remained actively involved in the design process and continued to instill their love for nature and sustainability in every planter that left the workshop.

Glastres Greens' story stood as an inspiring example of how a vision of individual and dedication to sustainability could lead to the establishment of a thriving business, leaving a positive impact on the environment and society. As they continued to grow and flourish, Glastres Greens carried forward their legacy of building a greener and more sustainable world through the beauty of planters and the love for nature.










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