Techniques to Shop for Fiberglass Products with Confidence

High Quality Planters:

  • Glastres Greens products are light weight because we use high quality polyester resin.
  • Each Glastres Greens product is carefully hand-finished. When you feel the surface of our products, or inspect the interior, it is smooth and continuous, which is what you should expect from high- quality fiberglass products.

Poor Quality Planters:

  • Many competitors take shorts cuts that become obvious in the aesthetics, quality and wear of fiberglass planters, which is why the hand finishing process is so important and have become the hallmark of Glastres Greens success and quality in producing fine planters.
  • Are overly heavy. If the product feels heavy, it’s likely that the manufacturer added fillers to the resin. Fillers sacrifice quality and make the products less valuable and durable.
  • Large lumps or strips of fiberglass matting indicate poor construction and improper finishing, Poor quality planters are rough rather than smooth with waves, bumps or imperfections in the finish, which may mean that the product has been made on unsuitable equipment and corners have been cut with poor finishing techniques.